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About Us

Maindsteel was created in 2006 initially to satisfy the cash register market, then we increased our capabilities to serve the automotive market with clients such as Marelli, Tachi-s, Kasai Mexicana and thus we managed to position ourselves as Tier 2 of NISSAN, HONDA and MAZDA.

We develop and manufacture Displays under Client specifications and we also have the capacity to develop and manufacture metal products for different markets, in Mexico, USA and Canada.


Some of the

Benefits of shopping with us

-Best technology in equipments

-High quality products

-Wide catalog of products

-Extensive experience in design, development and production of metal products

-We have an excellent customer service.

-The best support for your purchases

What makes us different from other manufacturers is that MAINDSTEEL MANUFACTURES SOLUTIONS... NOT JUST PRODUCTS.




years of experience


M² of facilities